Aside from the fact that I nearly collapsed with exhaustion because of my mad quest to get as many photos as possible for the scavenger, World Wide Knit in Public Day was great. The Halifax organizers should really be patting themselves on the back right now. It was fun to be out on the lawn of the library with fellow knitters and there were some fantastic prizes (thanks to some very generous local yarn stores). I was happy to get to hang out with Hark for a bit. I can't remember the last I saw her, let alone spent time chatting with her. I also had the chance to meet some new people.

I did well with my attempt at the scavenger hunt: 60 points! I had taken some liberties (i.e. I wasn't able to get on the ferry or buy a beaver tail. lack of cash was the reason for both) and would have been okay if they weren't counted, but I guess they were. Aside from about six items crossed off before today, everything was done this morning. I started around 9:30 a.m. and I covered the bulk of the south end of the peninsula. My feet still ache a little. And for a person with some serious social anxiety, I managed to say the following an awful lot: "This is an odd request, but can I'm participating in a scavenger hunt and I was wondering if I could take your picture. Holding my knitting". Most of them thought I was a bit odd, but were more than happy to pose with my knitting. For the pics without people, I used my roaming gnome and put the sock on his head - just to make the photos a bit more interesting to look at. SO, to those who agreed to hold a stranger's knitting for a photo: merci beaucoup!

Now I need to go crash. It has been long day.
A bientot!


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