Free Pattern Friday: Pimp Stitchin' and some crochet hookin'

I know I mentioned Pimp Stitch last week, but it gets a headlining mention this week because I tried out one of their patterns today:

birthday card

pimp stitch pattern finished

It's a shrunken down version of their first free pattern, "Let's get this party started". I made it as a card for a friend, so I resized it in photoshop. It was my first time doing embroidery on paper and it was not without its challenges. Not helping the matter was my crappy transfer pencil that didn't seem to want to transfer anything. (although, it could be me. I've never used a transfer pencil before).

It's week two of a four week pattern giveaway over at Pimp Stitch, so you should keep an eye out for more adorable designs to come. I'm really enjoying the party theme they have going on right now and am looking forward to the next two weeks of patterns.

And if embroidery isn't your thing (which is too bad...I'm really hooked on it right now), I did find a great resource for free crochet patterns, courtesy of Crafty Carolinagirl. She's put together an amazing list of free crochet toy patterns. Some are free with purchase, and some are direct links to a pdf download (which isn't necessarily bad, but there doesn't seem to be a warning that you're about to download something).

In non free pattern news, I'm super excited about tomorrow being WWKIP day! (WWKIP = world wide knit in public). According to the official site, there are 779 KIP days being held tomorrow! That's awesome. You should check to see if your hometown will be having a large gathering of folks knitting in a public place. Even more exciting that knitting downtown is the photo scavenger hunt. I started my photos on Wednesday, but I've fallen a bit behind since I forgot my camera when I headed to campus today (although I did remember the knitting).

That's it for me. I'm wiped out from an evening of Wii and BBQ and the cats are looking for food.

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