Wednesday's Website: How About Orange (and then some)

As I was trying to decide on a website to write about today, an odd-ish thing happened: I noticed that two of these sites appeared on the top 50 blogger powered blogs and appeared very close to one another. Along with them was a blog that I had recently come across and enjoyed. A sort of interesting coincidence, n'est pas? I think I'll take that as a sign to write about all three.

#44 is PoppyTalk, which is described as "A Canadian design blog collecting inspiration and promoting emerging design talent." It's a roundup of design, craft, DIY, and just plain pretty. It's also a great resource for those who are into design: PoppyTalk provides a ton of links to take you all over the arts and crafty internets. I also like that it's Canadian. My complaints about the site: it's a little bit too busy and the links to different sections of the site open up a new window/tab. I appreciate sites that link to a new window when I'm headed to a new site, but it's excessive when I'm exploring the same site. Regardless, I like PoppyTalk and I like how it is separated into sections such as 'affordable art' (my kind of art!), 'the decayed' (aka. vintage), and 'collecting' (a look at the collections of design folks).

#43 is Bitch, PhD., which is "A feminist, leftist and personal blog." Not exactly crafty in nature, but I appreciate it because I am attempting to finish my MA in Women's Studies and I'm a member of the Women's Centre Board of Directors at my school. These things mean that school, feminism, and sometimes just feeling like a bitch are all on my mind. But to make a link between feminism, a PhD and craft, I'm going to link to the work of "maximalist artist" Allyson Mitchell. My favourite is her Granny Square Wreck Room. I had a chance to help her out with her Finger of Craft exhibit at the Khyber in the fall. It was pretty awesome.

#42 is of no interest to me. I'm sure it's a very good blog, but as I haven't visited it yet, and it does not indicate that it has anything to do with crafts of any kind, I'm not going to bother to visit or write about it right now.

#41 is my choice of the day: How About Orange.

Described as "Visual treats and hands-on projects dreamed up in an orange office", the blog of graphic designer Jessica Jones is one of my favourite reads in Google Reader. She posts on an almost daily basis (which is an awesome feat in itself) about design and crafts and other pretty things. She also provides tutorials for many of her crafts. I'm a huge fan of her desktop designs and the desktops she shares with readers. I'm also in love with the fabric that she has recently designed and is for sale (online) at j. caroline creative.

So, if there is some reason why you are not part of the reason that How About Orange is in the top 50 blogger powered blogs, you really should go check it out.

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