Embroidered Graffiti

Here's an odd thing to admit: I have a soft spot for graffiti.

poutine! = poutine

Don't get me wrong, I know why graffiti can be awful, particularly if it's your building that has the graffiti on it. And lately, I've seen some rather tasteless graffiti on a nearby church (I have no time for that sort of vandalism). But there is an art to graffiti and I can appreciate that. So when I found a challenge on Feeling Stitchy to make embroidery out of graffiti, I was pretty excited. The challenge also suggests turning embroidery into graffiti, but I haven't yet thought of how/if I'll do that. I really don't see me stitching onto a bus seat. But am totally up for turning some graffiti into embroidery. I'll have to go through my photos I've taken of interesting graffiti or take a walk around town in search of something I like. I think this will be a fun challenge.

Posted byHello Pineapples! on Tuesday, June 24, 2008  


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