Just finished a long, but fun Crafters weekend at the Olympic Centre. I still have a few monkeys leftover...I plan to bring a few of them over to Love, Me this week. I'll let you know when they're there.

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Halifax Crafters Spring Fling Recap

It was another busy weekend with the Halifax Crafters. The show looked great. It just keeps getting better.

I think I've learned my lesson the hard way: your weekend will be so much better if you actually get some sleep. I pulled an all-nighter on Friday and was exhausted on Saturday. On the upside - I had to stand at my table (which I prefer to do anyway), because whenever I tried to sit, I'd fall asleep. Oops.

Despite being exhausted, it was a good weekend. I like getting to hang out with the awesome Crafters and it's always fun to get to know the person at the table next to you - because otherwise, I find myself drawing a blank when I see them without their work in front of them. A roundup of my awesome show neighbours over the years: Robyn Stephens of Shibang, Colleen MacIsaac of Little Foible, Anne Pryde, Roisin Fagan of Bespoke Uprising. This show I chatted Amanda Fullerton of Big Day and Hillary Webb.

The best part of the weekend was seeing a little customer hanging out with her new sock cat. Seriously, if she had been my only customer, I would have been happy. It's always nice to sell things, but it's even nicer to see someone really loving the toy you've created. She danced with him and tied him around her neck and her waist. I was in complete glee watching her and her sock cat. It was also great when people would stop by and say, "I bought one for my son/daughter/friend/etc and they love it". One woman told me that her son's monkey was named Pineapple. Awesome! Another told me that one of my favourite creatures still hangs out in her car.

I fear that the weird and nasty weather on Sunday (snow? what?) may have kept shoppers away. My leftover monkeys, a bunny, and a last minute socktopus (started Saturday night, after my nap, and finished at the show on Sunday) are headed over to Love, Me Boutique tomorrow.

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Bad-ass sock monkeys

I'm loving this kia ad:

Of course, my sock monkeys were getting tattooed years ago:

I think I might have to add a few tattoos to my monkeys for the Halifax Crafters spring show.

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