Jenny Hart is Awesome

Canada Day and the Fourth of July are both around the corner, so hooray for Jenny of Sublime Stitching for sharing this free pattern. You should follow Sublime Stitching on Twitter and/or Facebook so you're in the know when Jenny has something new to share.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some stitchin' to do.

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Crafters & internet finds

I went to my first Halifax Crafters organizing meeting yesterday. The ball is getting rolling for both the September and December shows. Very exciting. I've got a floor of little canvases that I'm painting. They'll probably be in the September show. I've also had some ideas for monkey accessories, but those will stay under my hat for the time being.

So, two internet things to share today. For starters, on topic with Crafters, I thought I'd share the website of Shibang designs. Roby/Shibang shared a table with me at the spring show & I found myself admiring her bags and pouches. She makes some really lovely stuff. Check it out:

That's one of her pencil cases, which are available in her etsy store.

Off topic from the Halifax Crafters is this inspiring internet find:

What? Seriously? Yes, seriously. That is a fabric "cootie catcher" & all the letters/numbers/fortunes are embroidered. How much awesome is that? It's made by the very talented Penny Nickels. I believe she sells it on her etsy site.

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Things I found on the internet today

Sifting through Craftzine in my feed reader, I found a few things that I want to make, that are pretty and that are inspiring.

To Make:

Cupcake Cones

YoYo Blanket (I'm hoping it'll crochet up faster than the knit baby blanket I like to make for new babies...who end up getting them when they're closer to the age of 2):

Pretty/I'd like to make it (but let's face it, I probably won't...too many crafts on my plate to really start quilting. I do admire quilts/quilters though):

Sparks Baby Quilt by Alissa

It's pretty adorable, non? I like the off-centeredness of the squares. Gives it a touch of whimsy, which is a nice touch for a baby's quilt. I found this via a list of free quilt patterns collected by WhipUp.

And last - but not least:


Embroidered note by katie.cupcake:

I'm still heavy on the embroidery these days. I'm working on another baby shower quilt - still early days of embroidering the squares. This note is just fantastic. It's one of those things that when you see it, you think: oh man! why didn't I think of that! And it's a total mix of jealousy and admiration (more parts admiration than jealousy).

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Free travel advice and pretty downloads

I'm making an attempt to blog again and it's not always easy. It's funny. I suck at posting on this blog, yet I'm managing daily posts over at my other one. Probably helps that I have a partner in crime over at Fashionable People.

I recently travelled to Palm Springs for my yearly dose of sunshine and as always, I struggled to figure out what crafty items are allowed on the plane. It really isn't clear and seems to change with each airport. And when you try to search for tips/tricks on travel & crafts, you get more info and advice than you know what to do with. Which is why I was happy to find Craftzine's advice/interpretation of TSA regulations for crafters. Although, keep in mind that the TSA regulations aren't universal (here is a list by CATSA for when you're travelling in Canadian airports. Knitting needles fall under "Penetrating Objects" and are allowed.). Last year, scissors I was allowed to bring on the plane at LAX were confiscated by YYZ (Toronto) security. This year I didn't have problems, but I also didn't attempt to bring scissors on the plane. I pre-cut embroidery floss to save myself the headache. Although I did get some security hangups from my pencil case. For some reason it showed up as suspicious on their Xray machines. Once they took it out and dug through it, they determined there was nothing of interest (unless of course you are interested in my Stabilo markers and other pens). I packed the pencil case in my checked bags on the way home.

Moving along...I recently found a site that offers links to free downloads of pretty labels and fonts:

The site is iDIY and is all about DIY weddings. While I'm not planning any weddings (I'm about to hit the five year anniversary mark!), I'm still a sucker for pretty labels and fonts. I think the labels are the part of me that wants to organize things. I don't always succeed in organizing my space, particularly my disasterous office/craft room, but a girl can dream. I rarely do anything with the labels I download, but part of that comes from having a B&W laser that doesn't do the label designs justice (but is awesome for printing out reams of essays and academic journal articles).

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i heart pineapples

As you might be able to guess from the name of the blog/my sock monkey business, most pineappley things make me happy. Some awesome pineappley things I have found online:

as always, natalie dee:
natalie dee

good afternoon pineapples (a most excellent advertisement):

more natalie dee!
natalie dee

that's it for today. Nothing particularly crafty, I know, but I've been meaning to share this. Also, I haven't been particularly crafty lately. But I'm sure that will soon change.

(If you're getting this in a reader, I'm sorry if it was posted a zillion times over. Blogger is being dumb.)

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