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I'm making an attempt to blog again and it's not always easy. It's funny. I suck at posting on this blog, yet I'm managing daily posts over at my other one. Probably helps that I have a partner in crime over at Fashionable People.

I recently travelled to Palm Springs for my yearly dose of sunshine and as always, I struggled to figure out what crafty items are allowed on the plane. It really isn't clear and seems to change with each airport. And when you try to search for tips/tricks on travel & crafts, you get more info and advice than you know what to do with. Which is why I was happy to find Craftzine's advice/interpretation of TSA regulations for crafters. Although, keep in mind that the TSA regulations aren't universal (here is a list by CATSA for when you're travelling in Canadian airports. Knitting needles fall under "Penetrating Objects" and are allowed.). Last year, scissors I was allowed to bring on the plane at LAX were confiscated by YYZ (Toronto) security. This year I didn't have problems, but I also didn't attempt to bring scissors on the plane. I pre-cut embroidery floss to save myself the headache. Although I did get some security hangups from my pencil case. For some reason it showed up as suspicious on their Xray machines. Once they took it out and dug through it, they determined there was nothing of interest (unless of course you are interested in my Stabilo markers and other pens). I packed the pencil case in my checked bags on the way home.

Moving along...I recently found a site that offers links to free downloads of pretty labels and fonts:

The site is iDIY and is all about DIY weddings. While I'm not planning any weddings (I'm about to hit the five year anniversary mark!), I'm still a sucker for pretty labels and fonts. I think the labels are the part of me that wants to organize things. I don't always succeed in organizing my space, particularly my disasterous office/craft room, but a girl can dream. I rarely do anything with the labels I download, but part of that comes from having a B&W laser that doesn't do the label designs justice (but is awesome for printing out reams of essays and academic journal articles).

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Do keep blogging, I love reading your posts. Sharon

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