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I have yet to see the movie Coraline. My friends tell me it's good, but I'm not a huge fan of animated movies, so I'm hesitant to go see them. I usually just wait until they are on video and friends own a copy. Not really the best way to approach such things and my friends who like animation tsk-tsk me when I say that I don't. However, I am somewhat intrigued by the crafty element of Coraline. I'm even more intrigued now that I've seen this:

Holy Cow! That's some tiny knitting with even tinier details in the knitting. It blows my mind that Althea Crome has the patience to knit on such a scale. Damn straight I'm "fascinated" by how she knits on such small needles! I know how frustrated I get when I knit socks on 2.75mm needles and she's working on 1mm or less! I think it is less fascinated and more dumbfounded. I can't even begin to conceptualize what it would be like to knit tiny gloves on .0001" needle made out of wire.

Having said all this, her work is pretty darn amazing. Such detail! And on such a small scale! It is making me overuse exclamation marks!

(found these links via the blog popped up on the grid, that I found via my friend Ally's twitter - oh the layers of the internets and that web 2.0 stuff).

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Craftiness in Music

Progress, originally uploaded by Kate Doodles.

I really enjoy these bird illustrations by Kate Wilson. They're adorable with amusing little descriptions (and available in her etsy shop).

My enjoyment of her work coincided with my discovery of a video for Lenka's song The Show. The bird in this version of her video reminded me a bit of Wilson's birds:

that particular video (according to lenka's youtube page) was directed by James Gulliver Hancock and Lenka. I've never gotten into paper crafts, but they usually impress me. I also love the fonts (i am self-taught font geek) and the embroidery (or what looks like embroidery) in the video.

Lenka's adorableness seems to know no bounds. Check out the official video for The Show (the song itself is adorable) and watch for the plush awesomeness:

Plush birds and tomatoes! How fantastic is that?

Oh, but the awesome doesn't stop there! Here's a stop motion video of embroidery by Lenka:

My lukewarm fandom based on the song The Show has officially turned into full on crafty geek fandom. I believe it is time to get myself a copy of her album.

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