Pictures: Stitchin' Fish

Finally! Some pictures of crafts I've done lately. So here's my submissions to the EAC Stitchin' Fish North Atlantic sea floor project:

The plastic bag jellyfish in progress:

jellyfish in progress

The white grocery store bag didn't work for me, so I scrapped that part and found a different bag. I tried to use mostly bread bags for the jellyfish, as I liked how the clear plastic looked.

I think I've managed to post some jellyfish photos before, but here is a close up, where it looks like a big crocheted mess:

close up of plastic bag jellyfish

Actually, most of my submissions looked like a big mess. They looked much better when they were added to the rest of the submissions:

hyperbolic coral reef and plastic bag jellyfish

The hyperbolic ruffle:

ruffle, part of hyperbolic coral reef

It used up a an odd ball from my stash, but it was deadly boring after a few rows.

The hyperbolic spiral:

part of hyperbolic coral reef

the window at the Loop:

Stitchin Fish at the Loop

Stitchin Fish at the Loop

Check out all those jellyfish! The display at EAC's World Ocean Day looked really great. I've only seen photos of it, but from what I saw in the window display, I know it was awesome. And it was really neat to pass by later in the week and see the things that I made in the window.

Next up: Pictures of my recent attempt to sew with a sewing machine!

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