Six legged octopus? What the....?

In the fall, I made an amigurumi octopus from a free pattern on the knit.1 blog. At the time, I thought that six legged cephalopod was silly. Everyone knows that octopuses/octopi have eight legs! Or so I thought. Turns out that I was totally wrong:

Henry the Six Legged Octopus

Meet Henry, the six legged Octopus. He lives in an aquarium in the UK. Some say his name is Henry because of Henry VIII and his six wives, but really, it's because Henry alliterates well with 'hexapus'. Since I like alliteration and made up words, I can totally get behind that (they made up hexapus as he's the first and only hexapus, aside from the creature in It Came From Beneath the Sea).

All those nuggets of information are from the CNN news story I linked to above. And holla to the Ravelry user who told me about this.

Posted byHello Pineapples! on Saturday, March 08, 2008  


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