Free Pattern Friday: Lobster time

My latest plush creation, which took frigging forever (well, just over a week really), was a felt lobster. He's off in the mail to his owner from a plush swap.

lobster, chilled

(please ignore my messy fridge)

I enjoy lobsters. That is not to say that I enjoy eating lobsters, but that I enjoy lobsters as a concept. You could say that they are my favourite crustacean. I've never actually eaten a lobster, which is sort of odd seeing as I live in a place where lobster is king. It is actually one of the few places on earth where you can buy a McLobster in the summer.

McLobster is back mclobster1

Seriously, I can only imagine that it's as gross as it looks/sounds. I'll try lobster one of these days, but it'll be fresh and not from McDonalds. And I probably won't be able to cook it myself.

My amusement with the lobster has even led to travels with a bobblehead lobster:

lobster on the mckay

(Sadly, this is not one of the best photos I've taken of the lobster. Many of those were lost in the Toshiba Crash of '06).

Anyway, my lobster is not today's free pattern...but that's because no pattern exists. If I ever manage to make a pattern, I'll share it. Today's is for this guy:

Knitted Lobster by Molly Lincoln

A knitted lobster

Words fail me. It is one of the cutest. The creator of this charming plush crustacean also has a pattern for a knitted buoy. I really enjoy the Maritime theme to her knitting. It speaks to the faux-Maritimer in me (I am technically what they would call a "come-from-away" or a "CFA").

Happy weekend!

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