Why I suck at blogging

I am, unfortunately, an excellent example of one of my mom's sayings: "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". Oh sure, I take pictures and think of things to write about, but it all sits on my hard drive. One of these days, I'll actually figure out a way to balance my life and everything will be zen and I will get stuff done.

Until then, I attempt to blog sporadically. My reason for not blogging all that much?

thesis in progress

my thesis. That sucker takes up a lot of my time/space/energy. I'm finally on track to getting it finished, but it has been a long slow process. I seriously cannot wait to have the final draft all bound up as a lovely hardcover thesis. Until that time, I keep trying to work on it and make time for everything else.

Having said this, I have been busy with my crafting. For example, a sock experiment:

cat attack

The little guy made out of socks is Clem. The large, skinny orange cat is Alistair, who decided to check out my little photo shoot. The background is part of my attempt to be able to take better etsy photos. Fortunately, the cat is not in all the pics. The background was a another of my recent projects. I'm pretty happy with it, although I've yet to find a permanent home for it.

Anyway, 'tis late and I should be hitting the hay. Hopefully there will be more posts showing up here. I'm hoping to do some crafting while visiting California and getting pics,etc... posted online.

Posted byHello Pineapples! on Monday, March 31, 2008  


Unknown said... April 1, 2008 at 4:25 PM  

This is a really really fab and humorous photo!! I love the set you built.

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