Etsy and me

Well, I've finally managed to take some pictures and post items on my etsy shop. It remains to be seen if people will buy anything, but my fingers are crossed. I've had a few sales to friends and co-workers recently, which is awesome and will make Christmas a little better. There really isn't much money in this poor student gig.

Speaking of Etsy, as I was browsing about this evening (instead of sleeping, which I should be doing), I found the shop of the girl who was next to me at the FemFest craft fair at the Khyber. I had meant to take one of her cards and put a link here, but forgot and had no idea where to look for her shop.

In case you're wondering what the heck Etsy is, well, it's like a big online craft fair. If it's handmade, then it's probably on Etsy. Columnist Karen Von Hahn of the Globe and Mail recently did an article on Etsy and how she did her Christmas shopping there. Unfortunately, you can't read the article online. It was in last weekend's G&M Lifestyle section, in case you haven't recycled your newspapers yet. It wasn't an awesome column, but pretty cool that Etsy got the mention in a national paper. The more people checking Etsy out, the more chances that one of them will stumble onto me.

And it really is all about stumbling on Etsy. There's just so much that even a search barely narrows things down for you. Type "sock monkey" and you get 64 pages of sock monkeys and sock monkey related items. The odds that you're the one sock monkey maker that jumps off the page do not seem all that great. Of course, this is no reason not to try to sell stuff there. Who knows, it might pay off. As it is, some monkey money from the Khyber sale bought me a new dress at Winner's and a Lindt chocolate advent calendar (so much tastier than the cheap waxy chocolates you find in most advent calendars).

Anyway, bedtime and cat feeding time. This entry really doesn't have any need for pictures, but I do have to share my latest creation: monkey sized toque and scarf that I knit up on Friday at my Stitch n' Bitch (not much of a bitch, as I was the only one there - must advertise better next semester).


As well, the Gerkins (not their real name) arrived home from their trek about South America and I was finally able to give Mr.G his Octopus (a free pattern from knit.1 blog - except I screwed up a step. And then added legs and a set of bagpipes):

octopus playing the bagpipes

heh. the silly thing kills me everytime. If you're wondering why the octopus is playing the bagpipes, well, that's a story for another day.

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