Which button?

I think one of the trickiest parts of making monkeys has got to be the decision over which buttons to use. The wrong button can throw off the whole monkey. I can't even think of giving them a name or a personality until the buttons are on. Before that, they really are just socks full of stuffing. An example was my dilemma tonight.


I thought I was going with the white button, but figured I'd try out some others...


That one was just sort of scary...


the dark purple had been a strong contender (apologies for the blurry shots), but I was still leaning towards the white...


That button was cute but not quite right. It'll suit another monkey much better. In the end...


a whole different set of buttons!

The two white ones were not quite a match. Very close, but close is only good in horseshoes and hand grenades. It's too bad I didn't get a picture of the white ones together. Sometimes I can't tell if things like that are actually off, or if I'm just being too picky. Few would call me a perfectionist, but when I'm making the monkeys, I really spend a lot of time on the details and have trouble letting go when it might not be perfect.

I'm still not sure about the final set. I'll probably have to let the monkey stare at me for a bit until I decide if he needs different eyes.

And now off to cry into my pillow, because my favourite on ANTM - Heather - was sent home tonight. She was a far better model than the other bitches, but c'est la vie. Although I think the go-sees were a little unfair for everyone - they set them loose in Shanghai and without much help of a translator. WTF? If Bianca wins, I'm going to be pissed.

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