FemFest and Beasties

I didn't make it out to see most of the FemFest events this past weekend, but I did get to the opening of Finger of Craft by Allyson Mitchell and the Beasties exhibit. Finger of Craft was amazing! Shag carpeting in purple and red up the walls and crocheted pillows all over the place. I got to help Allyson out with some sewing last week, which was awesome.

The Beastie exhibit was also really great and is going to be at the Khyber until Dec. 15. For me, the best part of Beasties was Blythe Church's "Monster's in the Closet". It was terrific. I thought it was an open coat closet and then hello! A monster peeking out! And then another from a coat pocket! She does awesome things with felt, but for me, the monsters take the cake. They are the kind of awesome that I wish my monkeys could be.

Posted byHello Pineapples! on Monday, November 26, 2007  


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