Monkeys at the Khyber

Craft Fair at the Khyber today. It wasn't the big Christmas craft fair, but a part of FemFest. Business was slow and my sales were all friends. ah well. A sale is a sale. There was some other awesome stuff there and I wish I had pictures and links for them, but I sort of sucked at that. I think I was too cold to think of it. No idea what was up, but the bar area of the Khyber was frakking cold! We were all in there with coats and hats on.

But the Monkeys had a good time.

monkey heaven

There is supposed to be another craft fair at the Khyber in two weeks or something. I'm not sure how to get involved with it. It's the same weekend as the birthday party for le husband, so the timing may not work out anyway. Regardless, I'm going to get my Etsy account back up and put the monkeys for sale online.

Posted byHello Pineapples! on Sunday, November 25, 2007  


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