Somewhat Political Pineapples: Stuffed (Peacekeeping) Potatoes

Recently, I heard that the UN declared 2008 to be the International Year of the Potato. It struck me to be a little ridiculous, considering all that is going on in the world - wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, crises in Darfur and Kenya, to name only a few.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy potatoes. I enjoy them mashed, fried, roasted, boiled, stuffed, and au gratin. I even understand the importance of the potato to people and cultures - I know all about the Irish and the potato blight. I've been to PEI and I know how important it is to that Island. Stompin' Tom taught me as much with his classic song, "Bud the Spud".

Looking at the website, I fear that this "year of the potato" has been created more for the financial gain of countries that grow potatoes and companies that sell them. I also fear that this declaration lessens the importance of other "international years" just a little bit - such as the years of women, the child and the girl child.

Now to bring this rant back to crafts: when I heard about the year of the potato, it gave me an idea for a plush toy. And so I present to you, the Peacekeeper Potato:

Mr. Peacekeeper Potato-head

He's made out of that wretched flannelette I had used for my gingerbread men and his beret is felt. I employed the services of the lovely Mrs. Downstairs and she sewed him up on her sewing machine. My thesis proposal was due to go to my second reader on Friday and there just wasn't the time to hand stitch the little bugger.

here he is next to a Yukon Gold from PEI:


and for a back view of his little beret:




To be truthful, his moustache was inspired by LGen Roméo Dallaire - but out of my admiration for him. While a plush potato may seem ridiculous, my thinking behind it was that as silly as it looks, it is no more ridiculous than dedicating this year to the potato. I'm not saying that people shouldn't celebrate and promote the humble potato, I just think that the UN has better things to do with its time and money.

I only hope that other tubers get their own years. Otherwise, the yam and the cassava might get jealous. (rice, being the number one food crop, got its own year in 2004).

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Mimi said... January 22, 2008 at 3:11 PM  

Maybe 2008 should also be the International Year of Conceptually Hybrid Softies (IYCHS, for short).

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