Pineapples and Monkeys on the internets

Seeing as I am a fan of pineapples (particularly in french) and sock monkeys, friends often send me internet finds from those two categories. The latest are as follows:

ananas by marimekko @

Ananas fabric by marimekko. Really pretty stuff, although, not terribly pineappley. I heart most designs by marimekko and wish that I were made of money. If this were the case, I'd go drop a ton of cash over at the fabulousReprodepot, where all the marimekko is on sale until January 15th. Alas, even on sale, it is well out of my budget.

Another pineapple find that was sent to me by Mrs.Downstairs is this gem:


wow. that is quite the afghan. I can't see me knitting that sucker, but if it's your kind of thing, go get it at Free Vintage Knitting Patterns.

And now for something completely awesome:

sockbattle (

That cornucopia of awesomeness is the Sock Battle t-shirt, a new design over at Threadless. Should anyone feel the need to buy me said t-shirt, I think I'd need the girly tee in large.

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