Love, Me + Ravelry

On my way to the market for a cinnamon roll, I checked out Love, Me Boutique. It's a fantastic shop. I really wish I had tons of cash to spend there - so many pretty things. Funny thing was that after posting about the shop, I came home to find an article about it in the Community Herald (a paper I almost never pick up!). I'm making it my mission that everyone I know in Halifax starts shopping there. And! Exciting news - she seems interested in selling some of my monkeys on commission. I didn't intend to go in there and get her to carry the minkeys, but I'm certainly happy about the situation. Hopefully it all works out and the monkeys charm the pants off of her customers.

In other semi-exciting news, I received my invite to join Ravelry today. It came really quickly. I think I requested my invite less than two weeks ago. It's a neat site and really well done. If I remember to use it, I think I may actually manage to keep my knitting, maybe even my yarn stash, somewhat organized!

Posted byHello Pineapples! on Saturday, January 12, 2008  


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