Guess that project...

I'm getting back into knitting these days. I'm messing around with some mittens for my mom (who lives in California. In the desert. No idea why she needs mittens), as well as plans to knit hat/mittens for myself. Actually, a friend recently bough a fabulous hat at Banana Republic, so with the help of Craft magazine, I plan on making my own version (although, it is technically crochet). The funny thing about that hat, that both my friend and I noticed, is that the crochet pattern looks an awful lot like an octopus I recently crocheted. Check it out:


sans pipes

Should make coming up with a pattern much easier. I'll just knit a cephalopod, but without the legs. (I suppose I could put the legs on, but that would make for a really silly hat)

I hit the yarn store this afternoon and picked up yarn for my next big project:

What am I knitting? A Bastille day scarf? An American Flag? Guess again. It's going to be a Montreal Canadiens sweater. Since it is being knit for a friend who is about to give birth any minute now, you'd think it would be for the baby...but no! It's going to be a dog sweater for this little guy:


His owner isn't a fan of dog sweaters, but even she can get behind a Habs doggie sweater.

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