Art Harvest recap

A few pictures from my table at the Crafters' Art Harvest. Man oh man. Do I ever suck at taking pictures of my work. I was hoping to use some for my application to the December market, but that's unlikely to happen.







It was a long weekend, but a good one. I'm really looking forward to the next one. Hopefully this time I'll get started on preparation more than a week ahead of time.

On another note, if you've ever "adopted" one of my monkeys, I'd love to hear about where they are now. Like this much loved monkey living in PEI:


You might notice that the eyes look a little weird. Here's a closeup:


That was an emergency eye surgery. The monkey originally had button eyes when sent up to my friends before their baby was born. When I saw the monkey over Labour Day weekend, the monkey was sans eyes and I was worried that stuffing would come out at some point (had holes where the buttons were). So those eyes were embroidered on...since they were covering holes, the embroidered eyes aren't exactly as neat as I'd like. I don't think they wee one who loves the monkey cares. She was just as happy when it didn't have eyes.

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