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New "feature" for the blog! The Wednesday Website of the Week! I give myself themes in order to make it easier to remember that I'm supposed to be posting (because otherwise, a blog with no entries would be a very dull blog). I also try to use alliteration whenever possible. I think alliteration is my all time favourite literary device.

My plan is to pick a site that I enjoy, that is not a blog (although, there may be exceptions to this rule), and share it with you, the darling blog reader. So without further ado, here is this week's website:

Martha Stewart's
Craft of the Day

Yes, I know. Martha Stewart. She's not always popular among the crafty set, but I like her. She may seem a little too perfect, her recipes and crafts a little too complicated, but she has some really great ideas. This is probably because she has a gigantic staff that are on the lookout for awesome things. Or should I say, "good things".

I like the craft of the day because it really is something new everyday. I don't always like the choice of craft, but with a different craft each day, I'm bound to like something. Sometimes the craft is super easy, other times it's a bit out my league. But truthfully, most of them are quite do-able. I really like yesterday's craft, which was a fabric silhouette using the super pretty fabric designed by Anna Maria Horner.

Bird Silhouette by Anna Maria Horner/Martha Stewart

pretty, non?

I've made 'Craft of the Day' one of my regular bookmarks. I check it in the morning, along with e-mail, facebook, and Natalie Dee. I don't know how many of the crafts I'll actually make, but I think it'll be good for some crafty inspiration.

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