Etsy Time and other news

Hooray me! I managed to list something on Etsy! My shop has been empty lately. I decided to focus on selling monkeys through Love, Me, rather than Etsy. But since money is tight at Chez Pineapples, I thought I'd try to get my act together and sell what I do have made (only two sock creatures). Hopefully I'll manage to make a few more things to add to my listings.

In other news...

Sock monkeys will be at the Telethon on Sunday! My friend J.Lau (it's my nickname for her, sounds like J.Lo) got the socks last night (apparently stripes aren't popular this year. And Hannah Montana really doesn't work well for sock monkeys). We're going to try to put together the pieces tomorrow and Saturday. And there is always a possibility that the monkeys will be spotted on TV. You never can tell.

Still no socks in the mail box. There was a package in my box yesterday and I got excited for a moment, but alas! Not socks. It's funny. Normally I'd be excited about unexpected packages arriving, but since I was hoping for the death knell, I was a little let down when I saw it was not my socks. Instead it was this:

shakespeare duck

Yes, that is Shakespeare as a rubber duck. To be specific, he's the Shakespeare CelebriDuck.

And if you think that it is odd for us to receive that in the mail, you should see what the Downstairses gave us for Christmas:

pope jp2 duck

Seriously! It's the Pope John Paul II CelebriDuck! (Hard to explain, but friends sometimes buy us stuff having to do with the late Pope...we both grew up Catholic, so I think that is where our fascination with him comes from. The comic book we were given a few years ago is a riot).

We now have an accidental collection of CelebriDucks. The sender of Shakespeare has never met, nor heard of, the Downstairses, so this was not a plan. And while we enjoy them and think they're pretty funny, I hope this does not become a trend. Because I still hadn't figured out where to put our Pope Duck, let alone two CelebriDucks. (Also, what an odd idea...making celebrity inspired rubber ducks. They sort of creep me out, since they have people faces with duck bills in the middle of them).

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