Knitting video games?

I can't decide if I'm excited or confused by this Wii game. I love knitting, I love the Wii (although, I rely on friends to get my Wii fix), but Kniittiing? I guess the trick is that you learn to knit and then knit patterns of different levels of difficulty. You start with a tea towel, move to a sensible hat, and then ... an octopus toaster cover? But of course! That is the natural next step in your knitting career. (actually, it probably is. Once you figure out the practical stuff, then you knit something ridiculous).


Anyway, I'll just have to rent it and convince one of my Wii owning friends to let me play this. But I fear it will be something akin to Cooking Mama's Cook Off, which was the worst game I have ever played in the history of video games. I suspect I will only really love the Rabbids games for Wii. Those are just plain awesome.


Posted byHello Pineapples! on Wednesday, January 28, 2009  


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