I decided to brave the craptacular weather tonight and head out to the library. I usually make Thursday my library night, popping in after work, but a book on shibori felting was a few days overdue. I had wanted to go last night as I got an email yesterday telling me that Sublime Stitching was on hold for me. I really wanted to pick it up right away, but the decision came down to embroidery or Mr. P's birthday. The fact that I chose my husband shows I'm not too far gone as a crafter.

Aside from the Sublime Stitching, I'm super glad I dragged my arse out into the wind and rain: I found a book on re-constructing t-shirts (I've been thinking about looking for a link I had on how to make a bigger t-shirt fit) and the new Martha Stewart Holiday issue. Fantastique! Check 'em out (along with a few other recent finds):

library score!

my library rocks!

There's a book in the pile called "the home guide to craft" and it means business. it's not just how to knit or d├ęcoupage. oh no. this bad boy is telling me how to cast and mold resin jewelry. It's full of projects I'd love to try, but can't because my apartment probably doesn't have the proper ventilation or space for working with power tools. There's stuff I can do, but it's almost more fun to look at all the stuff i want to learn how to do (like needle felting or screenprinting).

Well, I've got more monkeys than I can count to get back to. I've had to organize a monkey making night. My friends are coming over to drink wine, eat pizza and sew eyes and tags on. Just dropped six monkeys off at Love, Me and there are still so many left over for the craft fair (eep!).

Speaking of Love, Me: If you're in Halifax tomorrow, you should stop by Love, Me Boutique for the holiday party (5-8pm). Tons of nice stuff in for the holidays, plus all the usual lovely stuff.I'm possibly biased, but I really do like that store.

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