Sketchy internet connections and cat toys

I've been housesitting this past week and trying out various cat toys on The Cat that lives there. The Cat doesn't have many toys, so I've been bringing some by to see if she likes them. She seems fond of the "postmodern mouse", which is really two squares of fabric sewn together, stuffed with stuffing and catnip and has a piece of ribbon for a tail. Mr.P says this sounds more cubist than pomo. I suppose he is right, but The Cat really doesn't care what it's called, so long as she can eat the ribbon. She seems to approve of toys she can eat (like the little furry mouse toy that took about an hour to destroy).

While watching Supernatural last night, I made a very cute felt mouse toy for her (no picture as I've loaned out my camera), which she promptly ignored. Apparently, the more time spent on making a cat toy, the less time the cat will spend with it. It is some sort of Universal Law of Cats. Elaborate? Expensive? Fabulous? Ignore! Cheap? found on the street? perhaps the packaging belonging to a fancy toy? Excellent! One of the first plush creatures I had ever made is hideous looking, but is the favourite of our "foster cat" Hastings (I use the word foster loosely, as he's been here three years):

Mr. NobbyHead

(that picture was taken after collecting the fluff from around the living room. He has since been sewn back together and is still a favourite. Hastings carries him around the house or kicks it with his back legs while biting it. It's far cuter than it sounds).

Off the topic of cats, the housesitting has meant that my access to internet connections have been extremely limited. My friends have their wireless locked down so tight that they no longer remember the password. Their neighbours are all too smart to leave their wireless connections open. And the coffee shop nearby has free wireless (or a neighbour with free wireless) but not so many power outlets, meaning that my mac runs out of "apple juice" and dies. Oh woe is me. And just to frustrate me a little bit more: my home connection is being sketchy! Bah!

Of course, I should remind myself that it is probably going as fast as my dial up connections of days gone by...but I won't. I've gotten used to fast, wireless internets and I like it.

Okay, must go hunt down a purple wig and a Clinique bonus time gift.

Posted byHello Pineapples! on Saturday, October 25, 2008  


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