PacaFiesta'08: So frigging exciting.

Holy Crap I'm excited! PacaFiesta is back!

alpacas, originally uploaded by de Animas.

I knew it was happening again this year, but it had slipped my mind. Then I spotted it on The Loop's website and almost lost it.

I haven't been to PacaFiesta since 2005; I couldn't make it in 2006 (if it even happened that year) and then it didn't happen last year. I'm not sure how I'm getting there, but I am there. If you're in Halifax and you're a knitter/spinner/weaver/whatever, you need to be there. This is not just PacaFiesta, it is also FibreFiesta and it is like heaven. That is, if heaven was kind of warm and smelly with alpacas, llamas and goats. But it is definitely fibre lover heaven on earth.

(Sadly, I cannot find my photos of PacaFiesta fun...they are no longer in my flickr account and we have had some issues with lost photos after the Great Laptop Debacle of 2006).

Posted byHello Pineapples! on Sunday, September 14, 2008  


Rachael Rabbit said... September 18, 2008 at 7:23 PM  

Love the llama photos!

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Hello Pineapples! said... September 28, 2008 at 12:33 PM  

the llamas are awesome. Sadly, I wasn't able to make it out to see them this year. I'll have to wait until next year to take my own llama/alpaca pictures (as mine have gone missing).

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