Rock Lobster

I've spent the past week up to my eyes in red felt. I've been working on a project for a plush swap over at the Needle. The theme for the swap was location. I racked my brain for awhile trying to think of something that fit the theme that could translate into plush, but still wouldn't be too cliché. That meant beavers and moose and Mounties were out. Then again, there aren't many beavers or moose in Nova Scotia. I thought of putting a sock monkey in a kilt, but that would have been too easy. What I did come up with was this little guy:


It took awhile...but it was totally worth it. The felt got a little fuzzy from all the work, so I hope my swap person still likes it. He goes in the mail tomorrow.

What also makes it worth all the work was this little guy:

Isn't he fantastic? I named him Bucky, as he's from Ohio and has the colours of the Ohio State Buckeyes. He was made by super talented Megan of Moogan Creations. Check out his mouth! It's a zipper!

He's fitting in well with the creatures that live on my mantle:

The little guy next to him is Augie Clem, one of my creations. But that's a post for another day...

Posted byHello Pineapples! on Monday, February 25, 2008  


moogan said... February 26, 2008 at 7:50 PM  

the lobster is great!
bucky looks right at home

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